How it Works

Step 1.

Determine if your company meets the Arch Partners prospective portfolio company profile. Your company must have most of the following:

  • A significant commercialization opportunity for the company’s technology/product
  • A defensible intellectual property position that is sufficiently developed to be ready to go to market, licensed, or already in the market
  • A lack of capital or operating expertise to execute the business strategy
  • A strong desire to grow and create value for all constituents
  • A presence in or willingness to move to the Southwest
  • A definable exit strategy within 3 years

Step 2.

If your company meets the aforementioned profile and you are interested in having Arch Partners evaluate your company as a potential portfolio company, fill out this form and email it to

Step 3.

Your information will be evaluated at the next meeting of the partners to determine our interest level in moving forward. If we are interested, you will be invited to present at the next group get-together for a several hour meeting. Arch Partners will then conduct due diligence to further clarify and validate the market opportunity, the efficacy of the technology, the capital requirements, and exit strategy. This process may involve contacting industry experts, verifying costs of production, intellectual property diligence, or speaking with potential channel partners.

Step 4.

Once due diligence is completed, Arch Partners will make a selection of future portfolio companies from among those that passed the previous round. If your company is selected, we will negotiate a detailed term sheet, which will serve as the road map for drafting the formal documents to be executed by both parties. We don’t require any up-front payments and align our interests through the exchange of a meaningful equity position in a portfolio company. Once involved, Arch Partners will fund the operations and assure that all the resources of the partners are dedicated to the success of the portfolio company.

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