About Us

Like many successful businesses, Arch Partners was formed as a result of an unaddressed need by very early-stage businesses to have access to experienced professionals who focus on technology commercialization. Arch Partners’ premise is that they can provide the “go to market” strategy and execution, intellectual property knowledge, capital structure, and exit strategies needed to build and realize value for the owners of their portfolio companies. Combining the diverse skill sets of the individual partners with their desire to invest their personal capital in attractive opportunities, it is the belief of the partners that Arch Partners is uniquely qualified to help many companies in the Southwest that otherwise wouldn’t have access to these resources.

What Makes Arch Partners Different from Typical Angel Investors and Consultants

Since the partners have had significant involvement with local angel investment groups, they understand the strengths and benefits of getting funding from these groups – access to capital to facilitate growth. In general, angel groups make investments in companies that have existing management teams, proven technologies, and products that have achieved commercial traction. Often times the angel investors provide “board level” advice, which is helpful but not sufficient for many companies that need more detailed strategy, market and product evaluation, and involved execution.

Consultants can provide high-level strategic advice and often identify many weaknesses, but generally consultants do not get involved in the actual execution. Most consultants prefer to have limited engagements, whereby they are paid for specific assignments.

Although some companies meet the angel investment criteria or have the capital resources to retain top-notch consultants, many early-stage companies don’t have access to the capital and  experienced professionals to assist in the process of proving the efficacy of the technology, evaluating the market opportunity, formulating a business strategy, and executing on the commercialization of the product.

Arch Partners has a solution for such opportunities. We don’t require any up-front payments and align our and the entrepreneur’s interests through the exchange of a meaningful equity position in a portfolio company. Once involved, Arch Partners will fund the operations and assure that all the resources of the partners are dedicated to the success of the portfolio company.

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